Di Maria teaches Garnacho to focus on the pitch when playing for Manchester United.

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Ángel Di Maria, an experienced winger for Benfica, takes on the role of a senior member of the Argentina national team and an alumnus of Manchester United, giving advice to Alejandro Garnacho, a bright attacker with a mischievous youth. Old Trafford must focus on football first. Because whenever you play badly, you get scolded and buried in the ground.

Di Maria experienced this for himself in the summer of 2014 when he moved from Real Madrid, his first form under uniform number 7. So striking that Manchester United praised him as an angel football player. 

But when his form drops, he criticizes him like a pig, like a dog. Cursed to chase him out of the team until he finally moved to Paris Saint-Germain. With a relationship that didn’t end well 

The lesson the 35-year-old has learned is that he doesn’t want to see it happen to Garnacho, so the lesson he can teach is to be committed to creating on the field first and foremost. Then fame, money, and honor will follow. 

“He will have more maturity from gaining experience there.” Opening his mouth through UFABET

“When I was young I want to do like that. Dribble past your opponent 30 times per game. But sometimes using a quality model 10 times is still worth more than wasting 30 efforts.” 

“He has good skills. And it’s very scary, the moment of dueling one-on-one. But don’t overdo it because there are already a lot of club games. There is also the national team level.” ทางเข้า ufabet

 He has a bright future ahead of him. It all depends on his position and what he has in his head. ” 

Garnacho has already been a key player under manager Erik Ten Hag. At 19 years old, he has scored 10 goals and provided 7 assists in 65 senior matches.