Guardiola looks to compete for league title with more than three teams.

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Guardiola manager of Manchester City, plays psychological warfare on his rivals for the English Premier League. saying that there are not just three camps at the top of this schedule. When there were 16-17 matches left in the queue, the situation still had many twists and turns.

City just defeated Burnley 3-1 yesterday. They have increased to 46 points after 21 matchdays, ranking second because their goal difference – lost is higher than Arsenal, who have the same points. But compete in more than one match. 

Both teams are behind leader Liverpool, who have played 22 games and have 51 points. 

But in Guardiola’s eyes, he looks at Spurs or Aston Villa, who have 43 points after 22 matchdays and can still compete for the championship. 

“I think there are not only 3 teams competing for the league championship,” he said at the press conference after the game. 

“Tottenham are probably around, Aston Villa as well. There’s still a chance.” 

“My personal feeling when I watch Arsenal play is that they are able to control the multi-dimensional advantage of the game. That’s like Liverpool.” 

“When you watch the kicking game Every match they will be a better team than their opponent.” 

“Of course there can be a loser in the results. But no matter how we play, we are better than our opponents.” 

“I know how tough they are. But we are still in contention for the championship. It’s important. and want to continue doing work.” 

“Right now we are shutting down our work. The next step is to restore the body. Then prepare to take the field to meet Brentford, a team that last season we were unable to get even a single point from them.” 

“It is always a tight competitor. Let’s wait for the next appointment and see what will happen.” 

In the 2022-23 season , City lost 1-2 at home to Brentford, while playing at GTech Community Stadium lost 0-1. โปรโมชั่น ufabet